Secrets of Success, Leadership Training, The Art of Manifestation, Esoteric Trainings, the Samurai Brotherhood, and Private Sessions

Abraxas Trainings (founded in 1994, originally called Shamballa Trainings) presents the workshops, trainings, and lectures of therapist, teacher, and author Phil Teertha Mistlberger. For a collection of his essays and other writings, see

Upcoming Events for 2015: Weekend Workshop for Men, Starting at 4pm Friday October 2nd, ending at 2pm Sunday October 4th. Location: Sea to Sky Retreat Centre, 84 Retreat Road, Whistler, B.C. To reserve a place, contact Ongoing Monday night Men's group takes place at #106 -- 3731 West 6th Ave., Vancouver, new joiners welcome. Upcoming 3 month course on Tantra, Relationships, and the Shadow (November -- March). For more info on any of these trainings or groups or private sessions, contact 

Shamanism, Alchemy, and Secrets of Manifestation

 A Four Month Training in the art and practice of shamanism, high magic, and secrets of manifestation, delving into such areas as the power (or totem) animal, alchemy, Hermetic high magic, psychological and spiritual purification, and manifestation tools.

Training runs on Thursday evenings (7pm-10pm) from June 25 to October 22. Free Intro nights (7pm to 9pm) will take place on Thursdays June 4 and 11 at #106--3731 West 6th Ave., Vancouver. Public talk on 'Shamanism, Alchemy, and Secrets of Manifestation' will be on June 18 at the Pacific Institute of Reflexology, 535 West 10th Ave
., Vancouver. Location for the course is The Pacific Institute of Reflexology, 535 West 10th Ave. To register or for more info email

The Samurai Brotherhood is a community for conscious men founded in 1996 by Vancouver author and therapist Phil Teertha Mistlberger. Meetings take place every Monday night from 7pm to 10pm in Vancouver. One month minimum commitment is required. For more info, contact

Private Sessions

I have been giving private sessions to both individuals and couples in the matter of personal transformation for close to thirty years. Sessions are both local (in person) or long distance (via Skype or phone), and are either one hour or ninety minutes. In these sessions I bring to bear decades of experience in both deep therapy and spiritual guidance. Although single sessions are beneficial, sessions are most effective when done weekly or twice monthly in a series of five or ten. Rates are commensurate with my level of experience, and a sliding scale is available for those in financial hardship. For more info email me at

Esoteric Training, Level I.

A comprehensive Six Month Program featuring deep training in the Western esoteric arts:

*The fundamentals of psycho-spiritual alchemy (along with some basics of practical alchemy)
*The essentials of the Kabbalah, with particular emphasis on the Tree of Life
*Some essentials of Theurgy (High Magic), including both Solomonic and Enochian (Angel) Magic.
*Dream Yoga (from the Tibetan tradition -- the 'Practice of the Night', gaining facility in working with your dreams and achieving conscious (lucid) dreaming
*Thaumaturgy -- the art of manifestation. How to create what you want in life, in accordance with your Highest Destiny

*Fundamentals of Sacred Geometry
*The basics of Skrying (remote viewing)

*Training in Meditation, Self-Observation, and Self-Remembering